Fume extra

Fume extra offers to vapers who like to vape can feel a comfortable mouthpiece that fits directly in the mouth and lips. It is well craft  and has a round-extended shape that is suitable and cozy between fingers.

The pod has are extremely amazing flavor  clouds because they can satisfy everyone's urge who needs a test of a good vaping session.

Best rich flavors

It consists of rich flavors and nice hits that make Fume extra the best disposable system and the best disposable pod vapes.

More importantly, the pod is a pocket-friendly that can be easily carry and compacted.  Finally, this great device tend to be very smooth, fits in the pocket just like a pen, and are lightweight.

Also, these disposables are way cheaper than the top tiers disposable vapes in the online shops.  If you live in Miami you can order the device from Smoke central or from our online store